About Us

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified company Decker Devices Pvt Ltd, incorporated in 1989 is the leading manufacturer of steel scaffolding, centering, and formwork systems.

Decker Devices is known for its innovative product  design and custom made products which are essential for construction industry. Decker Devices, with its sound infrastructure and proficient work force has been able to manufacture quality products.Decker Devices has been committed to timely delivery of products, the key factor at project sites.


  • Telescopic props


    • For supporting Beams.
    • Used as Vertical supports for spans.
    • Used as vertical supports for wooden runners.
    • Ideal for supporting formwork sides.
    • Ideal for supporting column formwork in different lifts.
    • For staging.


    Composite telescopic tubular structures made from 48mm OD, inner tube sliding into 63mm OD outer tube. The inner is locked in position through a EN prop pin which rests on a malleable iron nut. The malleable iron nut travels on the threaded portion of the outer. Finer adjustments within specified limits can be had.


    Sl.No.Size N0. Min.heightMax.heightMaximum Load
    1DP-12.00 Mts 3.25 Mts30002250
    2DP-22.00 Mts3.75 Mts30002000
    3DP-32.30 Mts4.00 Mts28001850
    4DP-43.00 Mts4.75 Mts25001200

    NOTE :   Props extended beyond 3.6 Mts. Should be braced in both directions at 250mm above the propnut. Use of prop over prop should be restricted to 7 Mts height and our engineers should be consulted for advice on this.

  • Telescopic Spans

           Telescopic Span - Flattype                                                     Telescopic Span - Round type


    • For supporting slabs by housing floor forms
    • Ideal substitute for wooden runners
    • Eliminate intermediate supports.

    Technical Features: Consists of composite latticed telescopic girders having inner and outer members. The sliding arrangement of inner members In to the outer provided very fine adjustment within  specified limits Built-in camber is provided to level the span under loaded condition.

    Telescopic Span - Flat type

    Standard Size: 2.46M - 4.14M

  • Centring Boards

    Application:For casting slabs of different thick. 
    Technical Features:Manufactured  from single pressed H.R sheet of 2mm thickness stiffened adequately to resist bending

    Standard Size
    1150mm X 600mm

    900mm X 600mm

  • Adjustable Board

    Application:Bridge odd gaps that arise after completion of erection of floor forms by overlapping with adjacent floor forms. 
    Technical Features:Manufactured  from single pressed H.R sheet of 2mm thickness with flange on oneside only to enable overlapping.

    Standard Size
    1150mm X 300mm

    900mm X 300mm

  • Multistage Scaffolding System


    • For supporting slabs at medium and great heights.
    • For decking bridge slabs.
    • For access to outside plastering and finishing works in multistoried buildings.
    • Ideal as trestle for inside finishing and plastering works.
    • For use as mobile towers.
    • Ideal for maintenance works in factories.


    Manufactured from 42.3mm OD tubes welded to form a structural frame. Vertical legs are latticed with 28mm OD tubes to impart additional strength. Lock pins are provided on the vertical legs to interlock cross braces. Spigots provided at the top or bottom of the legs help in connecting the frames vertically.Standard Size

    2.00 M X 1.00 M


    Scissor type cross braces are made from 28mm OD tubes for sizes upto 1.35 M x 2.25 M. For sizes from 1.35 M x 2.5 M and above, 34mm OD tubes are used.

    Standard Size

    1.35 M X 2.00 M

  • H Frame Scaffolding


    • Ideal for hoist tower frame work.
    • As scaffolding for access staging and decking works.

    Technical Features:Manufactured from 42.3 / 48mm OD tubes welded to form a closed structural frame with lock pins welded on the vertical legs for interlocking cross braces. Spigots / sockets are provided on the vertical legs help to connect the frames vertically.

    Standard Size: 2.00 M X 1.00 M

  • Cup Lock Scaffolding

    Application:As scaffolding for multipurpose .Also for decking / supporting slabs at grater height.

    Verticals ( Standards ):Manufactured from 48mm OD tubes with top and bottom cups  welded at 500 mm Intervals.

    Standard Size: 3 M, 2.5M, 2M, 1.5M, 1M, 0.5M

    Horizontals ( Ledgers ):Manufactured from 48mm OD tubes welded with forged blades on either ends.

    Standard Size: 2 M, 1.5M, 1.2M, 1M

  • Scaffold Boards

    These are very useful in replacing planks that are used on the scaffoldings. they provide adequate safety and are long lasting.



  • Retaining Wall Formwork


    • For casting heavy concrete structures.
    • For casting retaining wall.
    • For casting piers.
    • For construction of tanks of(different shapes and sizes).
    • For construction of Dams.

    Pressed panels:Manufactured  from single pressed H.R sheet of 3.0mm thickness welded to a box type stiffener longitudinally to provide adequate strength to resist lateral load.the sides are slotted through out at 50mm center to center  for assembly purpose.

    Standard Size: 1250mm X 500mm

    Note: Any other sizes can be manufactured as per requirement

  • Column Formwork

    Application: For casting columns .

    Technical Features:Manufactured  from single pressed H.R sheet of 3.0 mm thick with external corner angles,single clip,wedge clip and wailing tube.

  • Beam Formwork

    Application: For casting beams .

    Technical Features:Manufactured  from 2mm  H.R sheet, single pressed with beam clamp and other accessories .